Amy Wessan Fine Art

Amy Wessan started out in the art business in the the 1980s as a corporate art advisor after completing her Undergraduate degree in Art History and her Master's degree in Arts Administration at New York University.  She then continued on as a gallery director for a few years in New York's Soho art district, handled secondary market limited edition print sales of Andrew Wyeth's work for a limited edition publisher, and then went into the fine art publishing business.

During her 16 year stint in the print and limited edition publishing world, she acted as Creative Director and ultimately became President of one of the largest publishers in the world, Bruce McGaw Graphics.  Bruce McGaw Graphics enabled Ms. Wessan to sell artwork into over 75 countries worldwide, traveling globally to work with museums, well known artists and clients. She has lectured at Photo Expo, The Learning Annex, and many other venues on the business of art.

At Bruce McGaw Graphics she worked with hundreds of artists, creating special print runs and unique works for placement in the corporate, hospitality and healthcare markets.  She saw there was a need for better quality works in those environments. Today, as she travels she sees hundreds of images in hotels, spas, and restaurants that she has designed.  Her relationship with artists, galleries and fine art publishers goes back over many years so her clients' wishes get truly fulfilled. 

How do you get started?

Ms. Wessan will first visit your space and discuss with you your budget of the project.  She usually walks through the space and photographs the areas where art will be needed.  An overall discussion of the project scope will be shared, as well as aesthetic, timelines, budget and other considerations.  After this initial meeting, you will receive a proposal that spells out the details of the project. Sometimes clients like her team to help with corporate signage, logo placement and other personalized design needs.