Amy Wessan Fine Art

Today you can see images she selected displayed in hotels, hospitals, corporations and residences in many countries.

She loves filling a space with art work that enlivens the surroundings for all to enjoy.  Her objective for the customer is clear - to bring in the finest piece of art given the budget for the project. Working with all types of medium - paintings, sculpture, photography, fiber, limited edition prints and giclees - Ms. Wessan's team is able to create a unique identity for any space, to meet the needs of the client.

Innovative printing techniques now allow her team to take photography and offer it to her customers on plexiglass, aluminum, bamboo and canvas.  Her corporate clients use her studio to print branded material that blends seamlessly with the art in their spaces. 

- Pablo Picasso

Amy Wessan has been serving the art community for over thirty years. An industry veteran, Ms. Wessan lends her expertise from the gallery, museum and art publishing worlds to her customers. Prior to starting her art consulting firm, she served as President and Creative Director for Bruce McGaw Graphics.

Ms. Wessan worked for museums all around the world selecting which images were to be published as prints for their exhibitions. She worked directly with many well known artists as well as their estates. 

By helping to create large print runs for museums, hotels, and different high end store groups, she became acquainted with the hospitality and design world.  She often advised her clients on how to frame the images to their best advantage, to work within a given space. She has relationships with framers across the United States and abroad.

"Others have Seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.